Running Vertical Jump (Right Hand)

Equipment Options

  • Yardstick® jumping device (has the vane feature)
  • Vertec vertical jumping device (has the vane feature)
  • Pen and paper (to record results)
  • Assistant/training partner (recommended)


The Rookie Me athlete starts from a marked position, which is where they begin their run-up. The run-up should not be more than 5m in length.

The athlete is required to take a run-up and then jump vertically by launching themselves off the outside leg to achieve maximum height.

The athlete then uses their right hand to move the vane out of place.The vanes are located on the pole and appear flag-like. When the vanes are out of position (on the chosen equipment) they indicate the height of the jump from the height setting on the pole, and this position helps calculate the score of the running vertical jump.

If the athlete finds that they are improving on each jump and have recorded their highest score by the third jump, then it is encouraged to attempt the jump again. If the athlete records a lower jump score on the fourth jump attempt – stop. And record the highest score from the highest previous jump.

Rookie Me Enter Score

Record this measurement in centimetres.

To obtain a measurement, the athlete needs to perform the running vertical jump three times in total.

 The Rookie Me athlete needs to record the best height out of the three jump attempts into their Athlete Profile.

DISCLAIMER: We strongly recommend that you warm up before taking part in any Rookie Me test metric/testing metrics/procedures to avoid injury/injuries, as you are solely responsible for your own health and conduct. Please refer to the Rookie Me T&Cs for more information.

If you require further help or guidance on this testing procedure, do not hesitate to contact the Rookie Me team - we are here to support you so that you can be recognised.

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