30m Repeat Sprint

Equipment Options

  • Electronic timing gates (4-6 gates)
  • Measuring tape
  • Marking cones
  • Stop watch (most smart phones have a stop-watch feature)
  • Assistant/training partner (recommended)


To conduct this test procedure the Rookie Me athlete should use a stretch of approximately 70 metres. Please refer to the diagram, which demonstrates the test set-up. This set-up allows the athlete, to accelerate towards the finish line and continue running past the cones to obtain their best score. This helps the athlete from decelerating too early.

Ensure the sprint set up is on a flat surface/ground (preferably non-slip), so that the results are consistent. Ideal surfaces include: Indoor basketball/gym stadium, wooden floors and synthetic flooring. A football oval or a park area, are also options.

Before starting the test procedure, the Rookie Me athlete should attempt a run-through (at half the maximum speed) to understand what is required from their body.

To begin this test, the Rookie Me athlete is required to get into a ‘starting’ position. The athlete should lean forward shifting their body mass above their front foot. The athlete’s front foot/toe should touch the starting line (0m point). No movement should occur before the sprint starts.

Between sprints the Rookie Me athlete should only get into the starting position seconds before the word ‘go’ is called, as this position can put the Rookie Me athlete off balance.

To avoid reaction time, the player should notify the person timing them, when they are ready to run the sprint.

Format: The 6 x 30 metre sprints depart every 20 seconds.

Each time a sprint is completed the Rookie Me athlete should use the rest area to utilise their recovery, before getting into the starting position to commence their next sprint. The Rookie Me athlete should aim to produce the same level of power repeatedly, as this will maximise their end score.

The sprint must be completed in 20 seconds; therefore, the recovery time is based on how much time is left over, after completing the sprint.  For example:  If the Rookie Me athlete completes the 30 metre sprint in 4.5 seconds, then the athlete has 15.5 seconds to rest and recover before starting their next 30 metre sprint.

The athlete is to complete the 30m sprint six times in the format below.

Example of format:

30m sprint: 0 seconds Fill in time: 4.12 secs
Recovery time (15.88 secs)
30m sprint: 20 seconds Fill in time: 4.34 secs
Recovery time (15.66 secs)
30m sprint: 40 seconds Fill in time: 4.82 secs
Recovery time (15.18 secs)
30m sprint: 1 minute Fill in time: 4.62 secs
Recovery time (15.38)
30m sprint: 1 minute 20 seconds Fill in time: 4.63 secs
Recovery time (15.37)
30m sprint: 1 minute 40 seconds Fill in time: 4.26 secs
Recovery time (15.74) FINISH
Final Score (Accumulated time): 26.79 seconds

Rookie Me Enter Score

The total of all six sprints are used as the score, which determines the athlete’s anaerobic ability. This will determine your final Rookie Me 30 metre repeat sprint score (accumulated time) to enter into your Athlete Profile.

The time is to be reported in minutes and seconds, to the nearest 0.01 second.

DISCLAIMER: We strongly recommend that you warm up before taking part in any Rookie Me test metric/testing metrics/procedures to avoid injury/injuries, as you are solely responsible for your own health and conduct. Please refer to the Rookie Me T&Cs for more information.

If you require further help or guidance on this testing procedure, do not hesitate to contact the Rookie Me team - we are here to support you so that you can be recognised.

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