Hand Span

Equipment Options

  • Purpose built measuring frame
  • Tape measure (alternative measuring device)
  • Clear sticky tape
  • Metal ruler 30 cm in length with 0.1 cm increments
  • Pen and paper to record results
  • Assistant/Training partner (recommended)


The Rookie Me athlete should use clear tape to fix a metal ruler onto a table. Make sure the table surface is flat.

The Rookie Me athlete is then required to place their right hand (palm down) on the fixed ruler with outstretched fingers.

Measure the distance between the outside of the thumb to the tip of the little finger. This linear measurement must be on the same hand.

Rookie Me Enter Score

The Rookie Me enter score will be the measurement of the athlete’s hand span and is to be recorded into the Athlete Profile.

The athlete’s handspan is to be recorded to the nearest centimetre.

DISCLAIMER: We strongly recommend that you warm up before taking part in any Rookie Me test metric/testing metrics/procedures to avoid injury/injuries, as you are solely responsible for your own health and conduct. Please refer to the Rookie Me T&Cs for more information.

If you require further help or guidance on this testing procedure, do not hesitate to contact the Rookie Me team - we are here to support you so that you can be recognised.

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