Equipment Options

  • Stadiometer (mounted to the wall).
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper to record results
  • Assistant/Training partner (recommended)
  • Minimal clothing (optional)


The Rookie Me athlete can measure their height in many ways, but the preferred option would be taking this measurement using a wall-mounted stadiometer.

To obtain an accurate height measure the athlete should adhere to the following guide:

  • Removal of shoes must occur before the Rookie Me athlete begins.
  • Correct posture and stance; heels, buttocks and upper back should be touching the plane/wall/scale/backboard. Athlete is to stand with their feet together.
  • Ensure that the athlete is holding their head so that they are looking straight ahead. To check this, the lower bony orbit (lower edge of the eye socket) and opening of the auditory canal or tragion (ear hole) are in a horizontal line. This is known as the Frankfurt plane (also called the auriculo-orbital plane).
  • Using the Mastoid Process, the measurer places their hands along the jaw of the player. And while the player remains in the Frankfurt Plane stance, the measurer should apply a gentle lift.
  • The measurer then using the board from the stadiometer places it on the player’s vertex (crown region on the head). The vertex is the highest point of the skull when in the Frankfurt Plane stance.
  • If the player has a lot of hair, aim to compress the hair and minimize any air between the board and the vertex.
  • In this position (ensuring that Frankfurt Plane position has been kept up) it is time to record the measurement (in centimetres).
  • The player should inhale (take a deep breath in) and hold while measurement is being obtained. Standing height to be measured to the nearest centimeter.

Rookie Me Enter Score

The Rookie Me enter score will be the measurement of the athlete’s current height and is to be recorded into the Athlete Profile in centimetres.

The height measurement is to be recorded to the nearest centimeter.

DISCLAIMER: We strongly recommend that you warm up before taking part in any Rookie Me test metric/testing metrics/procedures to avoid injury/injuries, as you are solely responsible for your own health and conduct. Please refer to the Rookie Me T&Cs for more information.

If you require further help or guidance on this testing procedure, do not hesitate to contact the Rookie Me team - we are here to support you so that you can be recognised.

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